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  •  Cast Iron will not melt easily compared to aluminum material and provides high heat resistances
  •  With CSA listed 0-20 PSI Propane regulator, it will produce most heat compared to other brands
  • Each Brass Knob will provide individual heat settings for the burner head
  •  Brass for corrosion resistance and durability again temperature changes and low magnetic permeability



  1. 爐頭內外圈火焰焰盤式(銀漆),火力強,耐長久使用,
  2. 如炒青菜清脆美味,左右傳統式火力調控微細,是大廚們最佳選擇。
  3. 堅固耐用.採用高品質配件 造形優美、品質保證。
  4. 適用桶裝瓦斯,小吃店、海鮮店、快炒店及各類餐廳皆可使用。
  5. 體積不占空間,作生意有效率

#809036 LARGE GAS BURNER-3048 快速爐

  • 產品規格

    材質 : Cast Iron

    顏色 : 深灰

    尺寸 : 23*13.5*5 inch

    重量 : 19 lbs

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