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  • This popular 7 colors joss paper pack is approximately 5" x 8 1/4" weights 4 oz.
  • Joss paper is sold by weight and not by how many sheets is in a pack, but there is an estimate of 20 sheets per color.
  • The 7 colors joss paper pack may contains purple, green, pink, white, yellow, red, or orange color of joss papers.
  • This colored joss paper pack could be used for folding and burning. It is commonly used to fold into small items such as clothing or money nuggets.
  • Chinese culture often burn joss paper to please the gods and/or people of the afterlife.
  • Joss paper can be seen used in a lot of religious ceremony. Joss paper are also use for decorative purpose as well.
  • Made in China.

#804059 JOSS PAPER 七彩衣紙

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