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Shipping Information


Shipping Information  配送說明

Order Processing 訂單處理說明


At we only process orders during business days, which is Monday - Friday (excluding holidays).  It takes approximately 1 to 2 business days to process an order before it is shipped.  During periods of higher demand, orders may take up to 5 additional business days to process before being shipped.


Note: Occasional delays in processing time or Cancellation of order may occur when an item purchased is on back order or it is out of stock.  We are not responsible for delivery delays due to weather, insufficient address info, holidays, and/or carrier complications.


Item Availability 缺貨處理 may cancel your order, or part of your order, if the item(s) is out of stock and no longer available. You will receive an email if your complete order is canceled due to the out of stock item(s).

In the situation that part of your order is out of stock,  ES Houseware will remove the out of stock item(s) from your order and will ship the remaining item(s).  You will not be charged for out of stock items ordered, and will be inform by an email notification.


Sales Tax 銷售稅

Applicable sales tax will be added to all purchases shipping to California and out-of-state.



Verification & Shipping 核實配送

When placing your order, please make sure to use your billing information (first name, last name, billing address) and contact information as it appears on your credit card statement. In the event that your information does not match exactly with what your credit card has on file, your order will be put on hold, pending verification.  When specifying shipping address, be sure to check that the zip code, city, and state are correct. If this information does not match the delivery service’s records, we may have to contact you to update the information.



Tracking Your Order 追蹤訂單

If you have an account you can check the status of your order at any time.  


Shipping Method  配送方式 

UPS / United States Postal Service 

To ensure the best shopping experience, we use USPS and UPS to deliver our packages.

Note: Please double check and make sure the Shipping Information and address is correct, deliverable, and complete (Suite, Apt, Room # etc.) 



Shipping Timing  配送時間

*Delivery date may vary according to UPS; we do not control the package after it leave

Shipping Fee 配送資費


48 States in US  美國48州

1. Ground Shipping $5.99, free shipping over $49.99.

2. UPS 2 Day Air is charged $19.99 for the first 10 lbs.  Every another 10 lbs will be charged for extra $19.99.

Examples:  An order weights 15 lbs will be charged $19.99*2=$39.98 for shipping.

An order weights 25 lbs will be charged $19.99*3=$59.97 for shipping.

1. Ground Shipping $5.99,最終價滿$49.99

2. UPS 2 Day Air $19.99 (首重10磅以下),訂單重量每超過10 lbs,加收額外$19.99 運費。

c 例: 訂單商品重量 15 lbs的訂單,收取運費為$19.99*2=$39.98

          訂單商品重量 25 lbs的訂單,收取運費為$19.99*3=$59.97

Alaska / Hawaii  阿拉斯加/夏威夷 

UPS ALASKA/HAWAII is charged $49.99 for the first 10 lbs. Every another 10 lbs will be charged for extra $19.99.

Examples: An order weights 15 lbs will be charged $49.99+$19.99=$69.98 for shipping.

An order weights 25 lbs will be charged $49.99+$19.99+$19.99=$89.97 for shipping. 


UPS ALASKA/HAWAII $49.99 (首重10磅以下),訂單重量每超過10 lbs,加收額外$19.99 運費。 

例 : 訂單商品重量 15 lbs的訂單,收取運費為$49.99+$19.99=$69.98

       訂單商品重量 25 lbs的訂單,收取運費為$49.99+$19.99=$89.97

Special Handling Fee 超重處理費


Ground Shipping Orders, may subject to an additional $2.99 special handling fee for whose weight over 30lbs and order amount under $100. (On top of the free shipping policy).

*Order weight is calculated by  measurement data, and observational error might happen.


Ground Shipping訂單重量超過 30 lbs且金額小於$100,加收$2.99的特殊定安處理費(不論訂單是否有滿足包郵)


Canada   加拿大

1.  Ground Shipping $5.99, free shipping over $49 (limited time).
2.  Displayed price and billing currencies are USD.
3.  We include the cost of taxes and duties in your order, so you won't need to pay any additional fees.

1. Ground Shipping $5.99, 最終價滿$49包郵(限時推出)。


3. 關稅及清關費用包含在訂單內,你收到的商品時不需要再支付額外費用。


NOTE:  Delivery times are estimated by USPS. It is not 100% guaranteed to arrive within the estimated time frame except for Express Mail. 
1. There is no fee to change your shipping address, if you change your address before the shipping process. 
2. There is an additional $16.50 fee will apply to your account, if you change your address during the shipping proce

由於地址填寫錯誤,送貨公司無法聯繫收貨人,收穫人拒絕收取包裹,我們在收到退回包裹後會根據顧客需求進行退款處理(退款會扣除稅費和運費)或是重新郵寄包裹(將會收取顧客$16.50 運費)。



UPS will make three attempts to deliver a package. After the third attempt, UPS will call the customer and inform them of their delivery.  To prevent any complications with your delivery, please provide your most accessible phone number.

We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes or A.P.O. Box addresses.  Orders will be canceled automatically without a valid street address.


1. 在訂單發貨前修改地址,我們不會收取你的費用。

2. 在訂單派送過程中更改收貨地址,我們可以幫助顧客修改地址,但UPS或是USPS將會收取顧客$16.50的修改費用。

3. 所用訂單郵寄重量最高配為30磅,訂單超過30磅,我們有權取消訂單或是收取額外郵寄費用。

4. 非常抱歉我們無法向 P.O. box 和 A.P.O. box 地址發貨,所有填寫不正確地址的訂單將被自動取消或是被退件。 

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